Pelto digs up nothing in his latest diatribe

What is Jon Pelto’s problem? He provides no service, offers no solutions, yet feels it’s his place to publish every little conspiracy theory he dreams up.

His latest rambling diatribe against Windham Special Master Dr. Steven Adamowski makes no sense, and readers must question Pelto’s motivations.

Windham’s school district is in crisis — that’s why Adamowski, former superintendent of Hartford’s public schools, was hired. Adamowski is part of the solution. Pelto seems content to be a part of the problem.

Let’s look at Pelto’s latest unsubstantiated accusations: Apparently the operations plan posted on Windham school district’s website is not the “final” plan. Some language has changed. That’s it.

After pestering Windham school employees, badgering the State Department of Education and railing about documents for months, that’s what Pelto dug up. A whole lotta nothing.

But that won’t stop Jon Pelto. He sees a conspiracy in every shadow — even those cast by honest, hard-working, experienced, dedicated individuals like Adamowski.

When will Jon Pelto get real? He imagines himself part of a modern-day Dreyfuss affair, shouting “J’accuse” and uncovering government corruption. The reality is somewhat different.

In real life, Pelto is, at best, obstructing the good work of those who are trying, against the odds, to make our schools better. At worst, Pelto is a profiteer, making trouble to garner pageviews and fatten his wallet at the expense of students in Windham and elsewhere.

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